How To Get A Tech Job In 2021

how to get a tech job

In this guide, we will look at how to find a technology job in today’s job market. The good news is, there is a shortage of qualified tech workers in 2021, so finding a tech job is easy compared to other industries. Read how to prepare for various well-paid tech positions you can apply to in this free article by

Getting a Software Tester job

A software tester job is one of favourite entry level tech jobs. As a software tester, you will be using a GUI of an application and following test prodecures. If there is a bug at any point, you will create a ticket and send it to developers who will fix the issue. You will be also writing test procedures for software that is being built and has not been tested yet.

For a software tester position, coding knowledge is not required – a solid basic tech background is enough for a software tester job. However, there are people who started as testers and then moved on to development jobs.

At an interview, you can expect a logical thinking test and a technical background test. One tip: do not emphasise that you would like to become a developer soon; employers prefer loyal employees who will stay in their tester position for a long time, as the process of finding a new tester employee is a waste of time for the employer.

Getting a Technical Support job

Technical support workers receive calls or chat messages from clients or colleagues with technical issues. Solid knowledge of hardware is essential in this job; you should be confident in solving problems like how to set up wifi or how to fix a faulty printer. You should also have a little bit of patience.

This job also has a low entry barrier, and is also an ideal entry tech job, like a sofware tester job. After applying for a technical support position, you can expect a technical background test including questions such as how you would solve an issue your colleague has with their printer or how you would fix a buggy internet router.

Getting a Project Manager Job

A project manager, yes you guessed it, manages a project. They set goals, milestones, assign team members and orchestrate the whole thing. They also communicate with clients and stakeholders on a regular basis to make sure the project meets their expectations.

It is not necessarily required that a project manager knows how to code themselves. In fact, many project managers are non-developers. Soft skills seem to be more important here. History of projects managed, good time management skills, good soft skills are things that matter when applying for a project management position.

Getting a Software Developer Job

If you know how to code in at least one programming language, you can apply for a software developer job. Be sure to have a portfolio of your code, on GIT or on your own website. However, it depends on what type of developer you are. Front-end web developers tend to have wide portfolios of websites they have coded because websites visible on the outside is what they do. Backend developers, however, may not have a harder time demonstrating their code.

Be sure to include your GIT repository or your portfolio website when applying for a coding position, and expect a coding homework and/or a live coding test.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

To prepare for your job, ideally you should complete a few online courses in your niche. Consider taking free courses from MOOC websites like:

Some courses are free to take, some are paid. Usually, if you want to show the course completion badge on your LinkedIn and your CV, you will have to pay a small to medium fee to the course provider.

Online Certifications

Some online course providers offer professional certificates, which consist of several small courses and which result in an online certificate you can show to employers.

Check out the MOOC providers in the list above and look for “Professional Certificate” or “Specialization” programs.

Aside from MOOC websites, there are certifications provided by big companies that provide a specific technology. For example, Oracle offers their own certifications in Oracle databases. Such certifications are usually very expensive and difficult to take, but they are a huge boost to your CV.

Job Board Websites

Now, let’s take a look at the most popular job board websites where you can apply for technology jobs with your CV:

On LinkedIn, you can apply to jobs with EasyApply. That means, you will only be required to attach your CV, and you won’t be filling in many boring and repetitive answers in questionnaires on employers’ websites. EasyApply saves a ton of time!

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