The Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs

top paying tech jobs

Jobs in technology are well-paid, that is now common wisdom. But which positions earn the most money of all? In this article, we will take a look at top ten highest paying IT jobs (tech jobs) in the United States in year 2019. The data in the article come from the US job market statistics by Dice – The Dice 2020 Tech Salary Report (available here).

10. Data Scientist

  • Average salary: 106,298 USD

Data scientists create value out of thousands of data points their companies are collecting. They clean data, build models, predict future data points, and they also work with machine learning algorithms. Data scientists work primarily with Python and R programming languages.

9. Sales Engineer

  • Average salary: 110,030 USD

Sales engineers are technical salespeople who sell complex scientific and technological products or services to businesses. They combine technical knowledge with sales skills and they serve as a liaison between sales representatives and the research and development team.

8. Data Engineer

  • Average salary: 113,249 USD

Date engineers focus on data generation infrastructures. They deal with raw data and databases, making sure that all the data generating systems talk to each other and work together to generate correct information. They work with data scientists who they pass this information onto.

7. Software Developer

  • Average salary: 114,336 USD

Software developers create and iterate software. They work in small teams and different projects may require the knowledge of different programming languages. There are Java developers, Python developers, C++ developers, C# developers, C developers, JavaScript developers and more.

6. Project Manager

  • Average salary: 116,021 USD

A project managers sets project’s goals, success metrics, milestones, assigns roles, and manages a team. A project manager makes sure everything is on track and within budget, and they serve as a liaison between the project team and higher management.

5. DevOps Engineer

  • Average salary: 117,478 USD

A DevOps engineer understand both system administration and programming. They create systems and infrastructures to make everyone more productive. They also serve as a liaison between software development and IT team. A DevOps engineer’s tech stack includes AWS, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Maven and more.

4. Security Engineer

  • Average salary: 121,228 USD

A security engineer is responsible for keeeping company’s sensitive data safe and secure. They make sure the company uses correct and up-to-date software and hardware to eliminate vulnerabilities They also oversee IT projects where there is a possibility of a leak of sensitive data.

3. Product Manager

  • Average salary: 121,316 USD

A product manager is responsible for their product’s vision, implementation, life cycle and marketing. They use market research to understand customers and they also create long-term vision for their company and its products.

2. Cloud Engineer

  • Average salary: 128,347 USD

A cloud engineer is responsible for maintaining, managing and developing company’s programs on the cloud. They identify potential bottlenecks in applications’ performance, strategize recovery plans to compensate for possible downtime or failure scenarios, and much more. Cloud engineers usually seek validated certifications from vendors such as AWS, Azure or GCP.

1. Systems Architect

  • Average salary: 138,277

The systems architect is an information and communications technology professional. A systems architect defines the architecture of a computerized system in order to fulfill certain requirements. They manage networking and computer systems from designing and implementing them to operating and maintaining them. They assess the systems’ computing power and user needs and ensure that the whole infrastructure is working properly.

Highest paying tech jobs (IT jobs) – Summary

We have walked through the 10 highest paying jobs in tech in the United States. You can see that all ten jobs on our list have an average salary over 100,000 USD. That is more than double the national average, 48,672 USD in 2019. IT salaries in other countries are also well over national averages.

It is clear that a technology job can provide a sizeable income for a comfortable living and it does pay off to try to get one, for example, via studying technology online courses. And our blog CodingJobGuide is here to help you make this transition.

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